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The Super Bowl is the greatest single spectacle that man has ever created. Every single year the Super Bowl will accumulate the highest ratings of any TV show during the year. On a few occasions, it has set records for being the most watched event ever in the history of TV. The US isn’t the only country in the world that gets to see the two best teams in football meet up to decide the champion; it is broadcasted to every continent in the world and is seen in 220 countries. In the US Super Bowl Sunday is an unofficial holiday, it is virtually impossible to find a Super Bowl ticket, and so people will call in sick the next day or just request that day off of work for the fact that they will be watching the game or throwing or going to a Super Bowl party where they will come early and eat, and stay late and probably drink.

The Super Bowl is also known for the great artists that perform during the halftime show. Some of the biggest names in music play there like Aerosmith, Shania Twain, Britney Spears, Nelly, U2, Sting, and No Doubt. The 2004 Super Bowl will definitely be remembered for the scandal that occured during the halftime show. At the end of the performance of Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson, there was a “wardrobe malfunction” where Timberlake “accidentally” pulled off a part of her top and Jackson exposed her breast to the entire world. It was only visible for a few seconds but it was long enough for the planet to realize what was going on, or coming off in this case. The FCC was not very happy about it, they were actually incredibly upset, and almost sued CBS, the network that carried the Super Bowl last year, and came close to suing Timberlake and Jackson for it. However, the FCC did levy a fine of $550,000 to CBS for their part in broadcasting the malfunction.

As exciting as that situation was the Super Bowl actually outdid the halftime show and then some. The game pitted the Carolina Panthers of the NFC and the New England Patriots of the AFC against each other. Like seasoned boxers feeling each other out, neither squad took any chances shooting for the end zone early opting to rather see what the other team was all about and setting up big plays for later in the game. This ended up lasting for the opening 27 minutes of the game, but in the last three minutes of the first half the Panthers and Patriots combined to score 24 points. The Patriots took a 14-10 lead going into the locker room. The third quarter was much like the first, where neither team was able to put any kind of points on the board. In the next fourteen minutes the teams went on another defenseless period and scored 34 points to even the score up at 29 with 1:08 left in the game. Once again, the game came down to the last drive and the Patriots quarterback Tom Brady led his team down the field. Brady went 4 of 5 for 75 yards on the last drive that set up the 37-yard Adam Vinatieri kick while time was running out. That was the second time that Vinatieri had kicked a Super Bowl winning field goal in the last thee years and marked the third time in five years that the Super Bowl was decided on the last play of the game. The Patriots won a game that was very similar to the 2002 Super Bowl and then we saw the Rams fall a yard short in 2000. The NFL has been putting out an incredible product with teams coming out of seemingly nowhere to grab the Lombardi Trophy. Due, large in part, to the Super Bowl the NFL is starting to make a case as the country’s national pastime.


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